DBT Skills Groups

DBT Skills Groups

DBT Skills Group for Black Women | Tuesdays | 6pm to 7:30pm | Online

Many Black women face the daily challenge of navigating the intersections of their various identities, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual/affectational orientation, age, national origin, physical ability, health, physical characteristics, religion, education, and socioeconomic class. This daily challenge to navigate occurs within oppressive and invalidating environments that can take a major toll on one's functioning and sense of self. If you're a Black woman and would like the opportunity to learn new ways to cope with the cognitive, emotional, physical, and relational impact of daily oppression and the opportunity to learn how to live a more full and effective life, this DBT Skills Group might be for you. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is focused on helping individuals learn coping and life skills to improve functioning and fulfillment and increase self-awareness and self-care. Skills group is comprised of three 10-week modules: emotion regulation (understanding and managing emotions), distress tolerance (surviving crisis and intense emotions healthily), and interpersonal effectiveness (improving assertiveness and boundary-setting). The core skill of mindfulness (improving non-judgmental awareness and acceptance of the present moment) is taught as part of each module. This group is appropriate for Black women ages 18+. New group members may join the group at any time during a module.

*Tuesday evening DBT for Black Women's group is co-lead by Winter Foddrell, LPC.

** Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance begin March 30, 2021

Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation begins June 22, 2021

Additional DBT Skills Groups in the Community

A Better Day Counseling, LLC

Teens of all gender and racial/ethnic identities ages 13-17. Monday afternoons 4:00pm to 5:30pm. Call to schedule your consultation with Ashley at (678) 943-2243 ext. 505.

Adults of all gender and racial/ethnic identities ages 18 to 25. Wednesday evenings 5pm to 6:30pm. Call to schedule your consultation with Tiffany at (678) 943-2243 ext. 500.

Revolution Psychotherapy, LLC

LGBTQ+ and/or Gender Expansive Folx ages 18 and up. Monday evenings 6pm to 7:30pm. Call to schedule your consultation with Winter at (470) 205-0355.